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Welcome to our Lease to Own program.  We want to get you into your dream home!

It is the dream of many to own their own home.  Our lease to own program can help you do just that.  Our system is designed to help those who don't have perfect credit to get into their dream home now and eventually purchase the home outright.  As mentioned you don't need perfect credit to get into one of our rent to own homes but you will need some money in the form of a down payment in order to qualify.

We offer 2 basic programs to purchase one of our homes.  

Lease to Own program:

Here you lease the home with an option to purchase at a set purchase price.  As you lease the home you work on improving your credit so that you can purchase the home.  You also have the option of not buying the home if you choose not to.

Owner Finance Program:

With our owner finance program you actually own the house right from the start.  As sellers we become the bank and you make your mortgage payments to us.  The advantage of this program is that you own the house immediately upon closing.  Typically though with owner financing you will need a larger down payment than you would if you were leasing to own one of our houses.

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