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Here you will:

1) Gain access to bargain homes and investment properties that can be purchased below market value!  We are wholesalers in South Florida and the Treasure Coast.  We do A LOT of marketing to find and purchase these great deals and are able to sell these homes to you at DEEP DISCOUNTS!  Rather than trying to get top dollar we purchase these homes and then resell them below market value for a profit.  This gives us more time to locate more great deals.

2) Receive complete property descriptions of the homes we're offering including condition, square footage and layout.

3) View "comps", or houses that have sold for full retail price, that are similar to the home we are offering. 

4) Talk with us on the phone directly.  We'll answer all of your questions and make your acquisition process as smooth as possible.  

P.S. We are real investors.  We offer real properties.  We do not "co-wholesale" other investor deals.

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