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My name is Marc Tonzillo.  I'm a real estate investor and I'm also a real estate agent.  My program focuses on assisting home buyers in purchasing a home without having to qualify for traditional bank financing at the start.  Qualifying for these homes has less to do with your credit and income level and more to do with your available down payment.  In other words, you may not need perfect credit or necessarily a high income, however you will need a large enough down payment in order to purchase one of them.    

No Banks Needed to Move In!

Our rent to own and owner financing programs work a bit differently.  With rent to own you lease the home for a certain period of time with an "option" or "agreement" to buy the house at a predetermined price.  You pay a non-refundable option fee upfront for the right to purchase the house at any time during the lease.  Option fees typically range from 3% to 10% of the purchase price.  All or a portion of the option fee may or may not apply to the purchase price if you buy.  Typically you will also need move in money such as first, last and security.    

With owner financing you own the home right from the start.  You pay a down payment upfront when you purchase the property.  Then you make monthly payments to the seller which include principle and interest.  You are also responsible for taxes, insurance, assessments and any maintenance for the property.

Disclosure: Marc Tonzillo is a Licensed Real Estate Agent.  He is acting as a principle and not as an agent.  

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Most of the homes offered are in excellent condition, have fenced in yards and gorgeous pools.  Often they have plenty of living space with large bedrooms, master bathrooms and walk in closets.  

  How Our Rent to Own Program Works