We specialize in working with tenant buyers who are willing to "Lease to Own" homes.  These tenant buyers have money available for first, last and option deposit.  They are all screened for income and credit requirements and would like to lease a home for a year or two and then purchase it.  Lease to own provides the following benefits for a Landlord/Seller:   

All lease to own paperwork is prepared by a local real estate attorney who is experienced with these transactions.  This is to make 100% sure everything is done legally and correctly.  

Disclosure:  This is not a solicitation to obtain a listing.  Marc Tonzillo is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent but is acting as a principle in these transactions.

What is a "Lease to Own"?  A "lease to own" is a very popular method for selling a single family home.  A tenant buyer leases a home with an option to buy it at a predetermined price.  The price is good for the term of the lease.  The tenant buyer pays monthly lease payments to the landlord seller.  The tenant buyer also pays the landlord seller non-refundable option money before moving into the property.  If the tenant buyer buys the house the option fee is credited toward the purchase price.  If the tenant buyer does not purchase the house the landlord seller gets to keep it.

Here's a Way You Could Get Full Price For Your House

By Offering it as a Lease to Own!

If you would like a FREE no obligation lease to own quote for your house please call Marc at 561-427-9442 or fill out the form below and we will respond within 24 hours:

* As a Landlord / Seller you receive non-refundable option money upfront.
* Lease to Own tenants tend to keep your home in excellent condition and take much better care of it than just a regular tenant.
*Lease to Own tenants, under the terms of the agreement, may be obligated to pay for maintenance items up to a certain amount per month.
* As the Landlord / Seller you never pay a real estate commission to get your home sold, saving you thousands.

* The Tenant / Buyer is much more likely to pay you on time because they don't want to lose their right to buy the home.  
* Potential for getting FULL RETAIL PRICE FOR YOUR HOME because it is being offered on “terms”.  By the way, our Lease to Own Program works for homes in all price ranges.  Townhouses and condos also!

As the Landlord / Seller, with our program, you choose who your Tenant / Buyer will be.

As the Landlord/Seller our lease to own program never costs you anything.  We immediately get to working on locating a qualified tenant buyer who will lease to own your home, and then, only after you receive ALL move in money, we are paid by the tenant buyer.